[nonostantement #134] - cloned shanghai / coronavirus & privacy / spycams

NOW with MORE informal random chats!

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Hello, as you may know, my name is Joele Lucherini - I am online most of the time because of my work (I design and execute online branding and advertising strategies), so I usually found a lot of interesting stuff all over the Internet.
This is the weekly email where I collect links to the above-mentioned stuff.
Last time I checked I was still Italian but living in Barcelona.

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Most of my projects come out from accidental encounters like meeting random people at a social event /such as a conference or a dinner party with friends). Most of the times, I meet people, start talking (I love to talk) and sometimes we end up working together without them initially knowing well what I do and how.
Informality, and this kind of serendipity, is complicated during a global pandemic, so I added a “book a call” link to my websites - keeping open a few 30 min slots during my week for informal chats.
You can reserve a slot here and we can have a talk about… whatever! Easy as that.
I think this is a way of encouraging random nice events in face of the challenges we all are dealing with.

AP PHOTOS: Splash! Virus spawns portable pool fad in Spain


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