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Now with MORE covers of Get Free!

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Hello my internet friend, I am Joele Lucherini, and I design online branding and advertising strategies for a living. I usually find a lot of interesting stuff all over the Internet while online, then I share all of these links here, in this same email. Hope you find it entertaining.

Today I have a couple of links as a soundtrack: a really nice lap slide guitar cover of "Where Is My Mind?" and another cover, of “Get Free”, my favourite track from Major Lazer (here the original one because we all need to listen to it every once in a while).

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Last week I started a little experiment: adding a “book a call” link to my websites to encourage informality and ‘serendipity’ – as most of my projects come out from meeting random people at a social event, I keep now open a few 30 min slots during my week for random, informal chats. I already had 5 f them!

You can reserve a slot here and we can have a chat about Online Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Influencers, Editorial plans for your social channels… or whatever you want.

“Warped Fields” - San Francisco, CA - Andres Amador


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