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Almost time to get up, Newport News, Virginia, US, by Charlie Davidson

  • [Video] - Look, I don’t like T-Pain as an artist, but seeing him on Twitch with such a powerful intro it’s refreshing and fascinating. Video games and esports are huge. Supporting your favourite “creators” through small paid subscriptions is huge. This is something that the majority of brands, senior managers and simple users here in Europe still need to deal with.

  • So the question would be “How Can We Pay for Creativity in the Digital Age?”
    There’s still money to be made, but it’s mostly not the creators who are getting rich. I discussed about this a lot with people I met with during last week’s random informal calls I made. We didn’t find a good-for-all type of solutions, but we know a change must me made and we need to at least start discussing the matter.

  • The Instagram subculture of women hunters, “huntstagram”. This is something weird and interesting at the same time. Back in the region I come from (Tuscany) hunting is still a big thing, but it's not something so "glamorous" to think about becoming an influencer…

1960, Ruby Bridges became the first child to desegregate the all-white William Frantz elementary school. For the first 6 months Marshall's had to walk her to and from school due to lines of protesting parents threatening harm to her. She's now an activist and has gotten a presidential citizens medal


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