[nonostantement #138] - ai & disinformation / dueling on tiktok / paying to follow influencers

NOW with MORE nonnas making pasta!

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Venice Syndrome, François Prost

  • Pasta con Nonna Nerina, I LOVE this project. You can stream this original Italian grandma making pasta, you can book your private pasta making class, you can buy the right tools (with a convenient amazon referral link). One little doubt: is this an anti ageism project or a nonna exploiting one? What do you think? Let me know by replying to this same email!

  • As you may have realized, nonostantement is based on Substack, a “place for independent writing” helping newsletter creator like me growing their projects (by the way you can help me directly by offering a virtual coffee here). The platform is growing so fast that someone thinks it is doing to blogs what TikTok did to Instagram.

  • Advertising revenue are plummeting for influencers and their online reach suffers with the same issue all other users have (being limited by the platform itself, giving more space to profiles paying for their visibility). Some of them are trying new ways to make a living out of social media, like creating brands to sell directly or “membership clubs” where you pay to watch their content. So the question is, would you pay to follow an influencer?

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