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Hi everybody, my name is Joele Lucherini, Digital Strategist in Barcelona. Designing and managing online branding and advertising strategies it’s my job but today we are here to take a look at the most interesting links I have found during last week.

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A bar in Paris

  • Having spent the last few months without traveling – in the center of Barcelona, a city emptied of many of its meanings, fun and interesting moments – I think it is important every now and then to read stuff like “128 things about the city” to remind me why I chose cities in first place.

  • I still have many clients in Italy, my home country, and in recent months there has been an avalanche of projects related to e-commerce and pay per click. In a very short time, Italians have thrown themselves into online shopping, raising the bar of how this business works there. How Amazon Conquered Italy in the Pandemic? Pasta, Wine and Inflatable Pools.


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