[nonostantement #140] - steve jobs / bauhaus & climate change / brandalism

NOW with MORE combat dogs with augmented reality goggles!

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Do you need a soundtrack? Here we go: Matthew Halsall - The Sun In September (I know, I missed the opportunity to post this a couple of weeks ago, in September).

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Training Horses - Félix Thiollier c. 1899


I love this frame I randomly found on the internet - do you happen to know where it comes from? Please reply to this same email and tell me, if you do!

  • “Whilst the zero fucks given fun aspect of subverting a popular logo is hugely rewarding, twisting the multinationals branding to raise awareness of not only their wrong-doings […] utilizing an omnipresent visual to connect to an idea or movement that actively tries to either help or offer an alternative to a consumption-based existence is the great motivator here.” - Cease & Desists, Brandalism & Black Lodges. “Brandalism” in streetwear, that's a term I haven't heard in a long time…

  • The US Army has shown off augmented reality goggles for combat dogs, designed to let them receive orders at a distance. “Inside the goggles, the dogs can see a visual indicator that they can be trained to follow, directing them to a specific spot. The handler, meanwhile, can see what the dog sees through a remote video feed.”

  • As AI-generated deepfake technology is evolving fast and could become soon a problem for politics and a threat to our social fabric – this interesting article tries to give some potential solutions that can be implemented to keep it under control and guarantee a certain level of reliability of reality in the future.

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