[nonostantement #141] - tiktok beatmaker / ernest hemingway narrated by a puppet / coronavirus & privacy

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I am an old school rap fan, I genuinely hate autotune… but - I don’t know why - I like this track from Future, featuring Drake. You could listening to it while browsing the links here. Or not. Your call.

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Portrait de la jeune fille en feu

  • GANksy is the result of a StyleGAN2 neural network trained using the portfolio of a certain street artist to create disturbing AI-powered street art.

  • If you don’t need AI-powered street art but you want realistic computer-generated handwriting… Calligrapher.ai is the answer.

  • OK, maybe you don’t even need computer-generated handwriting, but you absolutely want to randomly generate a line-up of bands who played a UK festival in the 1990s… well, that's weirdly specific, but we've got you covered with the 90s FESTIVAL GENERATOR!

  • [Video] And if you are bored scratching with vinyls, we have here a Japanese (obviously) video on how to scratch with barcodes.

  • Next time you make fun of kids dancing to K-Pop music, remember the K-Pop band BTS becoming multi-millionaires minutes after their record label's hit IPO doubled on its stock market debut.

  • Who is leaking unreleased music from some of the world’s biggest rappers? Maybe this 17-year-old guy.

  • Oda is a new music platform based on a subscription system and a hardware created specifically for listening to live events. Here is something somehow really innovative and interesting, for once. And I love their aesthetic.

  • [Video] - the Suiko ST-50 is an obscure synthesizer made for the Japanese traditional music market, originally created to accompany poetry!

  • “What makes a great TikTok beat? You need concrete, sonic elements that dancers can visually engage with on a person-by-person basis. I know that sounds super scientific, but that is how I think about it. If you’re trying to make a viral beat, it’s got to correspond with the viral dance.” I found this interview with the most viral beatmaker on TikTok fascinating and very helpful in understanding the evolution of how we create, listen and sell music these days.

  • Bellingcat is an investigative journalism website that specializes in fact-checking and open-source intelligence. You can watch a documentary about the website. Or you can read this interview with its founder on finding truth in a world of disinformation. Do whatever you like, the important thing is that you do something about it.

  • What is like being a deepfake actor, a performer whose face will never be seen.

  • The coronavirus could be here to stay. Your privacy may be another victim. as businesses of all kinds are stumbling forward — some more blindly than others — with varying forms of invasive tracking technology. As for Bellingcat: read the article or watch the video about it. Do something ;)

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