[nonostantement #145] - kruder & dorfmeister / fin-influencers / selfies & sharia

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Kruder & Dorfmeister just released an album, after 22 years. (yes, you are that old). You could listen to that, while browsing the links. Or you could listen to this amazing recording of a DARKSIDE gig, just published.

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  • That of ghost kitchens is a topic that I find very interesting, a revolution that we are experiencing in real time, accelerated by the coronavirus. An epochal change of an industry (that of food and restaurants) but also of how we live and interact with brands. The concept of a single restaurant that caters different styles of food depending on how it looks on various apps is for me a nice example and simple explanation of what companies have been doing for decades. But is that a good thing?

  • Some aspects of this really interesting post may be a bit technical but what we need people to know more is that "their computer is no longer theirs": a log of every activity on your new Mac is being transmitted and stored.

  • And that is, of course, not just an Apple thing, Google does the same with all the apps we have installed (and of course the OS itself) - Google Maps is probably the creepiest app you have on your phone.

  • Selfies and Sharia police: “Iranian Instagram influencers deleted pictures of themselves without hijabs and changed their bios to read, ‘تابع قوانین جمهوری اسلامی ایران’: ‘This account abides by the laws of the Islamic Republic.’“

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