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Now with MORE stuff about the lawyer cat!

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Along with this week's links I am sending you a nice soundtrack: Burn Out · The Cinematic Orchestra

  • [Video] - How We All Became Richard Nixon by Adam Curtis - “This short film uses the story of Richard Nixon’s paranoia to explore how a similar outlook has been perpetuated on the larger social scale by the new media age. Skimming through the evolution of the mainstream media via television and newspapers, this short film comments on how politics has been paralysed by a media that has taken serious threats and sensationalised them, resulting in political cynicism and disengagement, which in-turn feeds a viscous cycle of nihilism and further sensationalist politics and media.” - I will never not post something by this guy ;)

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  • Google - Music, Makers & Machines. If you are a fan of electronic music you cannot miss this impressive Google project. But I still recommend you to visit it even if you don’t care about that topic, because the it touches aspects of different types, and it’s truly a very interesting research.


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