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NOW with MORE bridges!

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Welcome to the newsletter where I, Joele, share interesting links found during the past week with my friends. In truth they are not really all the links, some are so interesting that sometimes I keep them aside because I just do not know how to explain them fully in the five minutes I can write about them - for example I thought I would not share this one about work and how it is changing (especially for creatives). It's a topic I've been thinking about so much in recent years that I could probably start a 8 hours podcast about it, but… Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!?
Or this other one about the future of work - I love working asynchronously and found many ways to do that with my collaborators but as a freelancer it's really hard to get ten different clients to adapt to different protocols and methods at the same time… any ideas on how to do that? I wrote about these links here because I know nobody actually reads this part ;)

Soundtrack for this Sunday: Floating Points - Montparnasse.

  • [Video] I think by now you have understood I am crazy for anything that comes from Japan - especially if it is old - so I will not give any other further informations: The Ukiyo-e Technique: Traditional Japanese Printmaking

  • [Video] - Bridges are for me one of the most fantastic forms of expression of human ingenuity - starting from the immense effort that is put in place to get from one point to another when there would be a thousand simpler and more stupid ways to do that. All that other ways can give instant satisfaction (think a boat) but they do not improve efficiency over time. Someone better than me could find a motivational metaphor - I just watch 24 minutes of Every Bridge For Every Situation, Explained By an Engineer in awe.

  • [In Italian] - I admit I arrived late on following the legendary Barbero but I had long ago realized how much history had become trendy on the Internet in Italy.

  • In my work I often find myself studying how humans behave (especially in groups) and about that I find this article, “Why Chinese Consumers Buy Fake Luxury”, interesting in how profiles those users.

  • I leave this with the original title that seems perfect to me: How did influencers become our moral authorities? But it could work with any person instead of influencers - I don't think we're giving moral authority to very knowledgeable people lately…

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