[nonostantement #168] - interactions vs transactions / some nice ads / product placement

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And here we are again this Sunday in my usual email in which I collect for my friends all the most interesting links I have found during the past week. For the uninitiated, my name is Joele, I live in Barcelona and take care of online presence, communication and strategies for companies and brands.
Since last week it worked well, I put here three links so powerful that I am not sure how to present them: the first on the future (present) of finance, one on the vulnerability of the NFT market and the last one about the “emerging dream of an internet where every interaction is a financial transaction”. These are like the highlights of this email, but hidden in plain sight.

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Soundtrack for today: Portico Quartet – Mirage

  • Coming from the graphic design field (but I still have to understand if it is a cause or an effect) I realized that the pleasure of visiting (or living) in some cities was given precisely by design not only urban but also visual: fonts, signs, images to which we are constantly exposed as citizens: The Signs that Make a City

  • Cards for Humanity: a nice idea, a tool to design more inclusively - also a good way to remind us how different the ways we live or perceive the world are - great not just for designers.

  • This is a topic I often discuss with my young students: coming from the "No Logo" generation, many people of my age cannot conceive of the use that very young content creator make of brands on social media (almost finding comfort in showing off collaborations with the most popular brands). This is obviously reflected in the most boring advertising field, that of celebrities: “Shilling stars used to be accused of ‘selling out.’ Now they’re hailed as savvy investors and giving the performances of their careers”.

  • Another topic that I often touch in my lessons or in talks: product placement. This interesting article it’s about how in the future it could be inserted in older productions too - altering not only the artistic side but also our perception of a cultural product. “The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia."

  • Covid-19 is fuelling a Zoom-boom in cosmetic surgery - “Depressed by your appearance on video calls? Men and women alike are splashing out on face-lifts, lip-plumping and more”.

  • How illegal streaming websites use sketchy ad networks to stay online.

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