[nonostantement #169] - ratajkowski & nft / online slander / mi5 & instagram

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  • As you know, thanks to search engines and their exploitation it is obviously possible to give great visibility to the positive characteristics of your business. Or they can be used to exponentially increase the magnitude of slander against you. But no problem: you can always pay to have the results deleted.

  • Former President Trump has been banned from posting to his Facebook page since the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. His last post from that afternoon has become a sort of message board with more than 700.000 comments.

  • “‘A lot of what intelligence agencies do is kind of inherently ugly business,’ […] Social media can be a way for the organizations to demystify the public about their operations and ‘look cool, look funny’”. The U.K. Spy Agency MI5 Joined Instagram.

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