[nonostantement #173] - hong kong / y2k aesthetics / lockdown privacy

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Good Sunday everyone, we meet again today for the weekly email in which the man here (hey hi, it's me, Joele) sends his friends the best links found during the past week, while he works online managing the presence of brands, companies and institutions in that magical world that is the internet.

Today I have a lot of music for you to listen to while reading the newsletter (it’s mostly electronic music, that’s what I listen to when I work a lot and have urgent deadlines). I would suggest you start with the instrumental version of Wide open, by the Chemical Brothers, move on to this very nice live set by Ela Minus, raise the bpm with Ultraísta - Ordinary Boy (Floating Points Remix) and then finish with a change of style with Moodymann - Do Wrong.

  • This year I found out that - since there were no courses or schools teaching what I did when I started working with Internet and social media - the correct definition I should use is not 'self-taught' but 'pioneer'. It still seems very strong to me and I am putting it here also to know what you think about it - please let me know your opinion. In the meantime I have also discovered that what I aspire to become has a name: "polymath". In modern times is not even seen very well unless you are a freelancer like me who is asked to do a bit of everything.

  • [Video] - When I found myself thinking that Barcelona is too densely populated I watch a video about Hong Kong (like this amazing one, shot with drones) and I then realise that the situation here is still quite nice.

  • [Video] - one of my favourite works of art, explained in a simple and interesting way: The Great Wave by Hokusai.

  • I ended up by chance in the extremely interesting work of "The Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute". The research work on aesthetic trends around the y2k is IMPRESSIVE and I recommend everyone to have a look at it - absolutely essential if you work in anything visual. Having worked as a (very passionate) graphic designer at that time, it was like meeting old friends. By the way, as soon as I have time I absolutely must watch David Carson's masterclass (I was trying to bring him to Barcelona for a talk when the first lockdown started, damn it).

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