[nonostantement #176] - antivaxxers vs yelp / instagram algorithm / rich people & twitter

Now with MORE surveillance software!

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  • In the last few days I have seen several clickbaiting articles about the instagram algorithm, I would suggest to just read the real source and find that - as usual - we all know a lot less about that than we think and most “gurus” are just groping in the dark: Shedding More Light on How Instagram Works.

  • “You are rich. You are famous. Why are you on the Internet? - I just love how this article begins. Why are extraordinarily wealthy and famous people doing their own tweeting?

  • We like newsletters also because they could be a way to escape the algorithms selecting content for our bubbles. But there seems to be no way to escape here either.

  • “Even when it comes wrapped in plastic, a hug can convey tenderness and relief, love and devotion. The fear that gripped Agustina Cañamero during the 102 days she and her 84-year-old husband spent physically separated during Spain's coronavirus outbreak dissolved the moment the couple embraced through a screen of plastic film.” Some time ago I asked my friends what was the image that most impressed them during the past year and several replied with the one you find above - shot right here in Barcelona. I just discovered the photographer won the Pulitzer for his pictures.

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