[nonostantement #182] - catchafire / ghostbuster / amazon & google searches

Now with MORE expectations for a 80's blockbuster sequel!

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  • Catchafire: a platform with a great idea (I haven't tested it myself yet but I will definitely do so in the next few weeks): to connect professionals who can work online with non profit organizations that need help.

  • Create an image with a random combination of your favorite emojis. I don't know why but I really like this site :)

  • I know for a fact that my first movie seen in a cinema is E.T. but i also know that the first movie i really enjoyed was Ghostbusters, so… I hope that [Video] Ghostbusters: Afterlife manages to keep the expectations we I have as a fan!

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  • Amazon has ruined search and Google is in on it. For general users, Google searches are increasingly getting hard to use, if they want to avoid the myriad of ads (well identified or not) and the continuous search to "plagiarize" the algorithm to display products for sale instead of organic and sensible results. It's a bit of a feeling that I have with all of the Internet in the last few years, where more seasoned users start wandering in remote corners to seek some rest from the pressure of the culture of profit (a bit like nature enthusiasts do in real life ;) ).

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