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Now with LESS movies by the Coen Bros!

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  • [Video] - Venezuela | Cinematic FPV over Angel Falls
    […] Now fasten your seatbelts & enjoy the ride down the world's highest waterfall.

  • The Coen Brother
    If Ethan Coen is done making movies with his brother Joel, what might that mean for projects from each Coen Brother going forward?"

  • [Video] - How Fake Drugs Are Made For Movies | Movies Insider
    […] Most fake drugs are created from food or vitamins so that actors can safely ingest them. However, even with precautions in place, prop drugs can still be dangerous. Al Pacino suffered minor but permanent damage to his nasal passage after snorting a lot of cocaine on the set of “Scarface,” and Jonah Hill had to be hospitalized after he got bronchitis from snorting too much Vitamin D powder on the set of “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

  • [Video] - Hacking enlightenment: can ultrasound help you transcend reality?
    Can technology improve the way we meditate? At the University of Arizona, Dr Jay Sanguinetti and master meditator Shinzen Young are using ultrasound to improve our ability to achieve mindfulness – as well as enhance our cognition and wellbeing.

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