nonostantement: interesting, fascinating and weird stuff found all over the Internet by me.


Hello, my name is Joele Lucherini - I live and work on the Internet, but also in Spain and Italy. I am a digital strategist and a freelance consultant for international brands, companies and advertising agencies.
I am a teacher and a speaker. I teach about Digital, Social Media and Influencer Marketing and I love to give talks about the “dark side” of my line of work and the Internet.
I teach at IED and I give talks at cool places like the Soho House, Creative Mornings or Circolo del Design.

You can find me at or on LinkedIn.


As I am always wandering around the Internet, I find a lot of cool stuff: fascinating articles, weird videos, interesting new and old stuff.
I used to shoot the links using WhatsApp to my friends - dozens a day.
One friend of mine once told me to start collecting the links in a single mail because he wasn’t able to check them as fast as I was sending: nonostantement was born!
I now send a mail every Sunday collecting all the links I have found during the past week.

(my first website - dated 1995, on GeoCities - was a collection of links, so I am kinda keeping alive a project started 25 years ago ;) )


“Nonostante” in Italian means “despite”. ”Nonostantement” does not exist - I invented it.

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Interesting, fascinating and weird stuff found all over the Internet by me, Joele Lucherini.


Living and working on the Internet, sometimes in Spain and Italy as well.